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Are you looking for a builder for your new home

Nathan, our Director at Dlux Builders has put together a short list of questions you should consider asking a builders before choosing if they suited to build your new home. If you want to enjoy a stress-free building experience, take a moment to read his list below…

Are you a registered builder

The Building Commission is the regulatory body that manages all Builders Registrations. There are varied levels of registrations, so it’s important you make sure your builder is adequately registered for your project. I’ve made it simple for you to check a builder’s registration below by selecting the link provided. You will be directed to the Department of Commerce website that hosts the Building Commission. You will just need their registration number. The Builders Registration number for Dlux Builders is 12038.

Check if your builders registration category is correct for building your home

Have you previously had or in the process of working through any disputes lodged with the Building Commission

You can check any disputes lodged against a builder by checking the WA Building Disputes Tribunal. This outlines any issues your builder has previously had and you can make the right decisions in selecting your builder.

Follow up on your builder’s history.

Do you specialise in Renovations or New Homes

Find out details of your builder’s latest projects to see if what they have been working on is comparable to your home renovation. Some builders specialise in certain style of project; either Custom Renovations, Custom New Homes or Project Homes. Selecting a builder that has experience in building homes similar to yours is always going to give you the confidence that your home is entrusted to the right team and your build is more likely to be a stress free experience.

Have you seen imagery or visited the builders past or in-progress building projects

By taking some time to look at the builders past work or even speaking to past clients about their experience can also be valuable way to feel confident about your selection process. You want to be sure the builder is going to be able to deliver on their promise to you to build your dream home. If you can talk to past clients; ask did they have any issues, if so, were they handled professionally and quickly. Reviews from previous clients are some of the most valuable pieces of advice you can get.

By visiting completed homes or even work in-progress you will be able to see if their quality workmanship and attention to detail are of the highest standard. If you are planning to renovate it might be a good idea to visit those in-progress job sites; seeing how the builder keeps their work site during the project says a great deal as well.

I welcome you to visit me on site at one of our projects. A walk through one of our Custom Home sites will give you confidence that our Perth based building team always showcase quality workmanship and attention to detail. We believe these are two of the most essential parts of the Dlux Builders building process.

What type of contracts do you use

Understanding how your building contract is going to be set out is an important part of the process. Whether you’re building a new property or renovating an existing one, having the right building contract is vital to ensuring everyone knows their rights and responsibilities. Building contracts act as a reference point and legal framework for you and your builders and contractors, so everyone is on the same page throughout the construction process.

The most common contracts used when working with us at Dlux Builders are Fixed-Price Contracts and Cost-Plus Contracts. We obtain these through the HIA (Housing Industry Association), Perth’s leading experts in all matters relating to the Building Industry.

A Fixed-Price contract states the pricing terms as a fixed lump sum that cannot be changed. There are ways the contract price can be changed throughout the build, with your permission, and billed as variations to the scope of works with a percentage rate.

A Cost-Plus contract is one where there is no set final price. In this situation, the parties agree to the owner covering all costs, plus an agreed margin for supervision and project management. This contract is more common with renovations as some costs are not easily known until the project has commenced.

Will you be informed on the progress and status of your build

Having a close relationship with your builder throughout your home building journey is really important. You want to know your builder is happy for you to visit on site and answer all your questions along the way. Be sure to ask for the contact details of the supervisor who is managing your project.  When working with our Perth Building Team your main point of contact will be me! You will receive constant updates by phone and photos are sent so you are always informed on the progress on your project.

It’s also important to ask how many projects your builder is managing. You want to know that your project has the supervisor’s highest attention throughout the whole process.

Dlux Builders chooses to work with only an exclusive number of clients at any one time.

This ensures you enjoy exceptional client care. You are guaranteed to enjoy a stress free building experience with our Perth based Custom Building team.

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