The benefits of Louvre Systems in your Outdoor Spaces

by Mar 14, 2019Expert Advice, Home Design

louvre systems allowing outdoor spaces to be functional all year round

Louvre Systems are a great way to get the most out of Perth’s glorious weather and enjoy more outdoor living. Their improved functionality means that Louvres and their new level of technology are becoming a popular choice for new homes or custom renovations.

For those looking to get the most out of their outdoor entertainment areas, there are plenty of reasons you should be choosing a Louvre System for your Alfresco area.


By opening the louvres, you will be able to maximise airflow through the covered area, giving you the ability to have an ‘outside meets inside’ feel. This airflow can be especially important for those with outdoor kitchens.

The manipulation of the louvres also means that when they are fully closed, there is also full wind protection, and ability to retain warmth during those chilly evenings.

Natural Light

By opening the louvres, you can let in a significant amount of natural light to shine through when the system is fully opened. Fully closing produces full shade which means that even on the hottest days you can utilise your outdoor space comfortably.


Motorised and Remote-control operated systems now make changing the Louvre System effortless. The ability to now also be controlled by one central C-Bus system along with your Blinds and Lighting make them highly desirable. With the inclusion of rain sensors, you will literally never be caught out in the rain.

The overall control Louvre Systems deliver over your outdoor areas means that there is a greater functionality for your outdoor space all year-round. By having control over light, temperature and ventilation means that when the weather is unpredictable, you can adapt easily and cater to every situation.

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